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ABOUT: The Extrema Ratio S-THIL stone washed is a tactical backup knife designed in collaboration with Thilo Arnd Schiller*. Crafted with precision, it boasts a monolithic structure machined from a single piece of 5 mm thick BOHLER N690 steel. This knife embodies a fusion of durability, functionality, and sleek design, making it a trusted companion for various tasks.

BLADE/HANDLE: The S-THIL has a spear point blade that is hardened to 58 HRC. This gives the blade an excellent balance between edge retention and strength. It features an upper false edge for improved piercing and tip work. It has a Fuller grove that extends almost the full length of the knife. The streamlined blade has a a silhouette suggestive of the classic Extrema Ratio handle. Has two guards and a thumb rest for secure handling. On the handle end there is “skull crusher” with a diamond-shaped tip. There is also a lanyard type hole for attaching a strap or paracord. The S-THIL is streamlined making it compact and light but strong.

SHEATH: Designed with practicality in mind, the molded nylon sheath complements the knife's features. Its slim profile and ambidextrous design ensure convenience and versatility in carrying. It has been made as compact as possible. The double retention system, comprising four pressure elements, ensures secure placement of the knife while allowing for easy access. Only one pair at a time are functional, depending on whether the knife is inserted for right/left use. In the nylon part of the sheath, there is a strap that allows you to secure the knife to the sheath. The sheath is made MOLLE compatible with the use of paracord.

Weight: g 123 (4.34 ounces)

Blade Length: mm 119 (4.68 inches)

Total Length: mm 230 (9.06 inches)

Blade Thickness: mm 5 (0.20 inches)

Blade/Handle Material: Bohler steel N690 (58 HRC)

Blade/Handle Finish: Stone washed

Blade Grinding: Flat edge

Thilo Arnd Schiller is a designer known for his collaborations in creating high-quality knives and tactical tools. He has worked closely with companies like Extrema Ratio to bring innovative designs and functionality to their products. Schiller's expertise and contributions often result in knives that are not only durable and functional but also aesthetically appealing.

NOTE: Extrema Ratio knives, with black/colored finished blades, are designed for many purposes except food preparation. While they are known for their versatility, durability and strength, they are not ideal for preparing food. For food preparation purposes, it's recommended to use kitchen knives specially designed for the task.

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