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ABOUT THE KH KUKRI MACHETE: The KH KUKRI by Extrema Ratio is a modern take on the classic Nepalese kukri, known for its use by the Gurkha Brigade*. Combining the best of ancient weapon design with modern features, the KH KUKRI is versatile and powerful. It acts like an ax but retains the flexibility of a long blade, making it perfect for chopping, splitting, and precise cutting. Whether used in tactical situations or outdoor adventures, the KH KUKRI is built to handle tough tasks with ease. It combines the traditional with modern innovation, making the KH KUKRI ideal for a variety of demanding tasks.

BLADE: The KH KUKRI’s blade is specially sharpened to perform a variety of tasks. Near the handle, it’s razor-sharp for precision work, while the thick spine is strong and sturdy. Towards the tip, the blade is flat and angled to cut through wood and vegetation easily. This design allows the KH KUKRI to switch between fine cutting and heavy-duty chopping effortlessly. Made from tough BÖHLER N690 steel, the blade stays sharp and durable.

HANDLE: The KH KUKRI’s handle is designed for a secure and comfortable grip. It’s ergonomic and fits well in your hand, making it easy to control during both fine and heavy-duty cutting tasks. The handle is made from strong materials to withstand hard use, ensuring the knife remains reliable in tough conditions. The KH KUKRI is a dependable tool for both everyday use and challenging situations.

SHEATH: It has a nylon belt sheath with leg straps and removable shoulder strap. The MOLLE compatible sheath has a variety of carry options The sheath is designed to be as tough and practical as the knife itself. It includes features for easy and secure carrying, making the KH KUKRI always ready to use. This ensures the machete is not only safe to carry but also easily accessible when needed.

Total length: mm 493 (19.4 inches)

Blade length: mm 340 (13.4 inches)

Weight of knife: gr 650 (1.43 pounds)

Blade thickness:  mm 6.3 (.25 inches)

Blade material: Bohler N690 steel

Blade hardness: Rockwell 58 HRC

Blade finish: MIL-C-13924 burnishing

Blade sharpening: Razor edge / Flat edge

Handle: Ergonomic designed Forprene


Photo is of Matt with his KH Kukri. Matt took some black 550 cord and wrapped the handle of his KH.

* The Gurkha Brigade was composed of Nepali, Indian Gurkha, and others. The Gurkha Brigade soldiers were part of the British Indian Army and were renown as being fearless and some of the finest soldiers.

NOTE: Most Extrema Ratio knives are designed for many purposes except for use with food. While they are known for their versatility, durability and strength, they are not ideal for using with food. For food purposes, it's recommended to use knives specially designed for the task.

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