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Extrema Ratio developed the FULCRUM BAYONET RANGER to be a multi-purpose fixed, robust blade that would withstand hard use in demanding conditions. This is the military version of the FULCRUM BAYONET RANGER, with the rifle attachment. It is fitted for the AR-15/M16/M4. Great as a field knife and as a survival knife. This bayonet can take heavy loads without breaking. Versatile, reliable, and more than adequate to meet its challenges. It's a must-have for anyone seeking a trustworthy and adaptable knife.

BLADE: The FULCRUM BAYONET RANGER's uniquely designed blade features sharp edges to use for various tasks plus a serrated section for cutting rope. Includes a section for cutting wires. The tanto point is exceptionally strong with good penetrating capabilities. Can take loads up to approximately150 kilograms (over 300 pounds) without breaking.

HANDLE: The FULCRUM BAYONET RANGER has a thoughtfully designed handle that is shock absorbing. The Forprene handle can be removed.

SHEATH: It comes comes with a durable, heavy-duty sheath equipped with a secure retention system. The sheath is MOLLE compatible and includes adjustable leg straps,

Total Length of Knife: mm 309 (12.2 inches) 

Blade Length: mm 180 (7.1 inches)

Weight of Knife: g 382 (13.5 ounces)

Blade Thickness (Widest Part): mm 6.3 (0.25 inches)

Blade Steel: Bohler N690 cobalt stainless steel*

Blade Hardness: Rockwell 58 HRC

Blade Grinding: Flat edge with serrations

Handle: Forprene**

MOLLE Compatible Sheath: Yes


 *The blade is made with N690 cobalt stainless steel; a high performance steel with excellent cutting and sharpening characteristics. This steel is also used in the butchering industry and to make surgical instruments.

** The removable Forprene handle has extreme temperature and moisture resistance.

NOTE: Extrema Ratio knives, with black/colored finished blades, are designed for many purposes except food preparation. While they are known for their versatility, durability and strength, they are not ideal for preparing food. For food preparation purposes, it's recommended to use kitchen knives specially designed for the task. 

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