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Chop. Slice. Dice. Mince. The Extrema Ratio Kato 20 is an excellent tool for all of this. The Kato 20 is an outstanding choice for preparing vegetables, fruits, meats, herbs. Use it to smash fresh garlic cloves, or a piece of fresh ginger. Well designed blade for hassle-free preparation. Excellent weight and length for common food preparation chores.


Efficient; with a well-designed, gracefully curved satin blade. To make it easy for you, the Kato 20 blade is ideally shaped for a rocking motion. Full tang. Long, wide, and well-balanced. Blunt end. Very sharp. The Kato 20 knife has a wide blade that makes it ideal for scooping up your food to transfer it.


The Kato 20 handle is made of Forprene and has a “rubbery” feel. Comfortable to hold. It has the Extrema Ratio distinctive signature handle. It is an ergonomic handle design that gives you a firm grip. The Kato 20 handle can be removed for cleaning and maintenance. Performs well with wet hands.


The Kato 20 has a well-made, heavy-duty leather sheath. Has leather thong on end of sheath if you want to anchor it to your leg and fits up to a two inch (mm 50.80) wide belt. This sheath is only meant to provided maximum protection when the Kato 20 is being carried or stored. This sheath protects the sharp blade as well as your hands. Your knife must be made ready for food preparation after being in its sheath. Quality made in Italy.

Length of Knife (excluding extended tang): mm 336.55 (13.25 inches)

Blade Length (from handle to tip): mm 209.55 (8.25 inches)

Blade Length (sharpened area only): mm 196.85 (7.75 inches)

Total Length of Knife and Sheath (including extended tang): mm 355.60 (14 inches)

Handle Length (excluding extended tang): mm 123.22 (4.85 inches)

Weight of Knife: g 342.00 (12.10 ounces)

Weight of Knife and Sheath: g 558.49 (16 ounces)

Blade Thickness (widest part): mm 4.00 (0.16 inches)

Blade Width (widest section): mm 51.82 (2.04 inches)

Blade Steel: Bohler N690 cobalt stainless steel*

Blade Hardness: Rockwell 58 HRC

Grinding: Flat grind

Handle Material: Forprene**

Sheath Material: Heavy duty leather


* The blade is made with N690 cobalt stainless steel; a high performance steel with excellent cutting and sharpening characteristics. This steel is also used in the butchering industry and to make surgical instruments.

** Forprene has extreme temperature and moisture resistance.

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